We’ll offer $9,500 for Roy Moore to take a lie-detector test — NoMooreLies.com

(Update: The offer is now up to $9,500, thanks to new backers!)

At least 8 separate women have accused Roy Moore of sexual harassment or outright assault, including several who were minors at the time of the alleged incidents. 8. And countless more townsfolk vividly remember him as the creepy 30-something guy cruising the local malls and high school football games in pursuit of teenaged prey.

Brokeback_MooreAnd yet, Roy Moore has said that the accusations against him are false. All of them.

Well, there’s a simple way for Roy Moore to prove this — he should take a lie detector test. And Sexy Pundits is offering $5,000 if he does — and more, if anyone wants to add to the pot (leave a comment below, or at our FB page if you want to add to the pledge).

Just one test. And we’ll pay $5,000. Not to Moore, but to organizations fighting against sexual abuse of children. Which he should heartily approve of, assuming he is innocent of the allegations, and assuming he doesn’t have any current or future plans to molest kids.

$5,000. For about 10 minutes work. A test performed by an independent examiner, agreed upon by both parties. And if $5,000 is not enough, tell us how much is.

Judge Moore, we await your answer. Come by NoMooreLies.com anytime, send us a message, and let us know if you’re willing to take the test.

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